THE TERROIRS OFRUM Alexandre Gabriel identifies each rum-producing country by thes pecific traditions and production techniques of its “Terroir”–giving each rum its distinctive character. He chooses the best casks from each distillery, celebrating the unique identity of each exquisite terroir. DOUBLE AGEING Plantation rums mature in a two-stage ageing process, beginning in the Tropics and finishing in France. While ageing in bourbon casks, notes of vanilla and coconut infuse the rum. After several years ageing in their birthplace, Plantation rums are then brought to Châteaude Bonbonnetin Ars, France. Here, the second ageing process begins in Ferrand French oak casks, enriching the rum with delicate tannic undertones. In this final process of maturation in France, Plantation rums develop heir finesse and structure. The Plantation range, through its originality and quality, has conquered the hearts of rum lovers all over the world. Last autumn, the Extrême N°2 Collection caused a sensation, especially in Sweden, where all of their stock was sold online in 27 seconds! References such as Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple (voted three times the World’s Best Spirit )and Barbados XO 20th Anniversary are now classics.

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